Step 1

An overturned 12 meter (38 ft) fishing vessel. Responders will install the CAPSAVE™ Hull Penetration System, to deliver air and light into the air pocket with no escape of air from the hull. This will allow control of the vessel's buoyancy.

Step 2

Fastening the CAPSAVE™ device to the hull: using the air drill to drive the self-tapping screws, creating an airtight seal. The screws can fasten into wood, fibreglass, aluminium and steel. A special malleable gasket fills any irregularities or hull curvature between the device and the hull.

Step 3

The manifold receives air from SCUBA tanks, Scott bottles or a compressor through the black hose. The drill recieves air through the red hose. Air to the hull is controlled by a separate regulator, and passes through the yellow hose to the CAPSAVE™ device, which delivers air to the air pocket.

Step 4

Using the air drill to drive the fasteners into the hull until they are seated against the flange of the CAPSAVE™ device. CM Technologies, Inc. holds exclusive rights to this patented technogy.

Step 5

Using the ratchet to hand tighten the fasteners. This prevents over-tightening. The fasteners create an air tight joint to the hull. Slight deformation of the metal and neoprene washers indicates adequate tightness.

Step 6

Penetrating the hull. The drill shaft revolves inside an air tight seal in the white cap. The blue handled valve is in the open position. The collar on the shaft just above the cap controls how far the drill bit protrudes into the air pocket. Once the hull is penetrated, air can be delivered to the air pocket. If light is needed in the air pocket, a Light Stick is installed.

Step 7

Installing the Light Stick completes the installation. Air cannot escape the air pocket during any part of the procedure, because the blue handled valve is closed whenever an airtight cap is not in place. Now, air is delivered into or vented from the air pocket as required to maintain the buoyancy of the vessel. This can be done with or without the special purpose Light Stick installed.