In rescue situations, the CAPSAVE™ Hull Penetration System prolongs survival time for trapped victims pending arrival of specialized extrication equipment and personnel and increases the safety margin for responders.

Benefits for Responders:
- The stability and buoyancy of the capsized vessel is controlled by venting or adding air to one or more air pockets.
- Trapped victims will be calmer once fresh air and light become available.
- Calmer victims may be easier to rescue, especially by divers.
- Light from the System will be a "reference point" for rescue divers to find their way to the air pocket.
- Light will assist divers operating in the air pocket.
- Victims may provide rescuers with information about conditions in the lighted air pocket.
- First responders can take positive action - use of the System - to directly assist victims prior to the arrival of specialized personnel or extrication equipment. This may lessen the danger of persons on scene taking other "desperate" but counterproductive actions.
- Responders can bring the Deployment Kit to "on scene" in a helicopter or small fast boat.
- The System is small and rugged enough to be carried on board many types of rescue craft.
- Responders obtain a significant increase in capability for a relatively small investment in capital, training time, stowage space, and maintenance costs.

Benefits for Trapped Victims:
- Fresh air will prolong survival, especially in small air pockets or air pockets contaminated by fuel vapours.
- Added air will increase the size of the air pocket and raise the vessel up, increasing the size of the air pocket.
- Light will allow victims to take "self-rescue" actions (first aid to others, get up out of water, count heads, pass information to rescuers, etc.).
- Light and air may calm the victims, lessening panic and its harmful results.

- Victims can receive light sticks, notes or other small items passed through the device into the air pocket.

Benefits for Salvors:
In salvage situations, where no persons are trapped in the hull, the System helps prevent the vessel from sinking due to loss of air from the air pocket. There may also be applications for the System in underwater salvage, as it can be installed on a submerged hull. Please see the "System Updates" page for more information on development of the CAPSAVE™ Hull Penetration System - Salvage Model.